14 JUN 2017

Kinguin & Orange launch Fortumo’s bank-grade carrier billing solution

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Mattias Liivak

Head of Marketing & PR, Fortumo

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The digital games marketplace Kinguin, the mobile operator Orange and the mobile payments company Fortumo are today announcing the launch of Unified SDK in Poland. Kinguin can now collect payments from its users using the most advanced features of carrier billing including dynamic pricing, 2-step charging and automated refunds.

Unified SDK is a payment product by Fortumo providing merchants with a turnkey solution to collect payments from their users. In the back-end, Unified SDK is directly connected with the most advanced mobile operator APIs, used by leading digital merchants such as Google and Spotify. This gives merchants payments capability on par with credit cards in terms of flexibility and technology: for example the capability to predefine any amount for charging.

As a result, merchants can launch direct carrier billing for their customers without needing to negotiate a launch with every carrier separately, develop and maintain checkout flows or manage end-user support.

The launch will also include a joint marketing campaign by Kinguin and Orange to promote Hosted DCB as a payment method to gamers. The main advantages of carrier billing for merchants and customers are:

  • Larger coverage: Only 17% of people in Poland have a credit card, while carrier billing is available to any mobile phone owner
  • Higher conversion: The user only needs to enter their phone number and confirm the payment on their phone, resulting in a simpler checkout flow
  • Better customer security: The user’s personal data is not transmitted during the checkout process, protecting consumers from online identity fraud

“At Kinguin.net we ensure a strong reputation of providing a consistent high quality payment experience for our customers worldwide and offer wide range of preferred payment methods including mobile payment which is in demand. Partnering with Orange empowers our customers with seamless experience over carrier billing, along with advance technology via Fortumo’s platform which stays ahead of FinTech demands and keep count of business needs,”” said Faheem Bakshi, Head of Payments at Kinguin.

“The ability to add Kinguin’s mobile payments to Orange mobile accounts is another convenience for all our customers who enjoy spending time playing and buying online. This solution is fast, safe and convenient. Our goal is to meet the needs of customers who want to make the most out of our services, for work, studying but also digital entertainment,” said Łukasz Perzyński, Head of Premium Rate Orange Poland.

“Fortumo’s goal is to bring together merchants who want the best payment experience for their customers with innovative mobile operators increasing the quality and capabilities of carrier billing. We are excited to be working with Kinguin and Orange to deliver their customers with a carrier billing solution which is on an even playing field with credit cards,”” said Andrea Boetti, Vice President of Global Business Development at Fortumo.

Fortumo’s direct carrier billing platform is used by Google Play, Spotify, Sony, HOOQ, Gaana, EA Mobile, Gameloft and thousands of other digital content providers. Fortumo’s platform can be used to collect payments from subscribers of more than 350 mobile operators through one integration.

About Kinguin.net

Kinguin.net is one of the most popular marketplaces in the world for digital games, with over 25,000 products available and more than 3 million satisfied customers. Kinguin provides a vast selection of Triple-A titles and in-game products like CS:GO skins. To learn more about Kinguin please visit kinguin.net.

About Orange

Orange Polska is a unique convergent operator in the Polish market, providing mobile and fixed-line telco services, as well as TV, energy and banking services. With over 99% population 4G LTE range, Orange Polska is the number one network in Poland and the largest investor in state-of-the-art superfast internet, fiber and 4G. The Group owns the largest technical infrastructure in Poland, with operations in fixed-line voice, data and mobile networks. Orange Polska is a part of Orange, one of the biggest worldwide telecom operators. Orange Polska shares are listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (symbol OPL) and are included in WIG20 index. Orange Polska provides, amongst other, convergent, fixed voice, fixed broadband access, TV, Voice over Internet Protocol (“VoIP”) as well as mobile voice and mobile data services. Its offer is also enriched by non-telco service such as banking and energy services. For more information on current offer and corporate information visit www.orange.pl, www.biuroprasowe.orange.pl or follow us on Twitter: @Orange_Polska and @RzecznikOrange.

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