List of 20 Best Gaming Industry Resources for Growing Your Business

The mobile gaming industry is shifting quickly. Would you have believed a few years ago that China will be overtaking the US in mobile gaming revenue? Or that Windows Phone would become “the only viable third ecosystem” instead of BlackBerry? Keeping a finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the industry allows early movers to see ahead and plan for success.

We’ve put together a list of twenty great resources about the business side of games which you will hopefully find useful as well.

The channels - in no particular order - that we have found to be the most useful are:

  • Gamasutra: one of the biggest news & blogging sites about the gaming industry in general. Features a lot of content about monetization but also covers almost every other aspect of game development you can think of
  • Gamelook: essential for anyone who is interested in launching their games in the Chinese market. Unfortunately it’s in Chinese, but using a translation engine will give you access to great content like this thorough article of the local app economy’s challenges and expansion into overseas markets
  • GamesIndustry: a news portal about the gaming industry, including a listing of gaming events and job offerings
  • PocketGamer: another big news portal for gaming industry participants, featuring loads of interviews and opinion articles from developers, analysts and more
  • GDC Vault: depository of presentations from GDC events (GDC, GDC Next, ADC etc.) which are some of the biggest conferences in the industry. While some part of presentations and videos are for paid subscribers only, there is a lot of free content as well
  • NASSCOM: NASSCOM is the IT industry alliance for India and also includes a lot of game developer members. If you’re looking into the India market, this is a good place to start
  • Newzoo: games market research company that puts together infographics from various angles (genres, countries etc.)
  • GamesBrief: an excellent resource for different tools specifically aimed at free-to-play game developers
  • App Annie: one of the leading mobile app analytics companies that puts out monthly reports about trends in different app categories
  • Casual Connect: one of the biggest gaming industry event organizers, most of the lectures from events are available on their homepage for free
  • Develop Online: magazine dedicated to game developers
  • App Developer Magazine: another gaming industry magazine, focused on app developers
  • Flurry: leading app analytics company with many interesting posts on user behaviour and app statistics in their blog
  • Inside Social Games: an industry portal focused on the social games category
  • VisionMobile: a mobile industry research company that puts together developer surveys and in-depth blog posts about where developers think the app economy is moving
  • SuperDataResearch: a payments-focused research company that works with many different payment providers to provide insights on global user spending in games
  • MediaNama: news portal about the Indian mobile industry - once again a resource for those who want to get a better understanding on the specifics of the Indian market
  • Mobile Dev Memo: the definitive blog to read if you’re developing freemium apps, curated by Eric Seufert who also has published a book on the same topic
  • Distimo: analytics company that publishes reports on app store economies
  • AppData & DTF: statistics and articles about the gaming market in Russia, written in Russian but readable with a translation engine

  • (Bonus) DevsBuild.It: comprehensive resource for different app development related articles, infographics, podcasts and much more, run by the Application Developers Alliance