22 NOV 2016

Local services marketing platform mydala launches carrier billing in the Middle East with Fortumo

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Mattias Liivak

Head of Marketing & PR, Fortumo

India’s leading local services marketing platform,
mydala is today announcing a partnership with the mobile payments company
Fortumo. The first region where mydala is rolling out carrier billing with Fortumo is the Middle East, with payments launched initially in Dubai. mydala customers here can now purchase discounted deal offerings conveniently by charging payments to their mobile phone bill.

Speaking on the partnership, Anisha Singh, Founder & CEO, mydala.com, said, “We have been talking about better payment solutions in India for the longest time. It is the way forward if we really want to progress. mydala made a push for mobile payments in India four years ago and we have seen a spike in adoption of digital wallets and other innovative digital payment solutions. We chose to work with Fortumo as they are a reliable and stable partner given their experience in the payments market. We look forward to working with them to provide great value to our customers in Dubai.”

“Digital commerce is moving to mobile devices and this has resulted in merchants needing to readjust their monetization strategy. Card-based payments are popular in Western markets where content consumption also happens on desktop devices. But in India and the Middle East, most people are mobile-only with no access to credit cards. We are excited to help mydala in their global expansion by providing their customers with carrier billing, the most accessible and user-friendly payment method globally,” said Sanjay Sinha, head of Fortumo India.

With internet consumption now predominantly coming from
mobile devices, carrier billing has become a suitable replacement for card-based payments. Small-screen devices are
unsuitable for the long checkout flows of credit cards, where users need to enter personal information and fill out long forms. Instead, carrier billing uses only the consumer’s phone number to authorize the payment.

In the United Arab Emirates, only 37% of people own a credit card. At the same time, over 80% of people already have a smartphone. This means most people shopping online are unable to make payments to merchants. Carrier billing solves this issue by allowing any mobile phone owner to charge payments either to their monthly phone bill or deduct them from a prepaid SIM card. Additional information on carrier billing in the Middle Eastern region can be found from Fortumo’s recent
market report.

To expand their payment reach, mydala is using Fortumo’s
cross-platform mobile payments product integrated into their web portal. This product enables reaching users in over
90 countries through one integration, while being available on both desktop web, mobile web and inside applications. Localization (support for 50 languages and 40 currencies) and platform-adaptive checkout flows increase user-friendliness of making payments, thus increasing conversion and revenue for merchants.

About mydala
Established in 2009, mydala is India’s largest local services marketing platform for large brands, merchants and advertisers involved in providing consumer products and services; enabled by their 150,000+ advertiser and merchant base to target 400 million consumers across 209 cities in India. mydala’s footprint and reach offers customized and cost-effective solutions to advertisers and merchants to reach their target audience through attractive offers and promotional campaigns. mydala has 4 million transacting customers monthly and enables over 300 cr of retail every month. For more information, please visit

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