7 JUN 2019

Making transportation more accessible through telco partnerships

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Nowadays, mobile phones are the lifeline of our society. Having a constant connection and access to different services has already revolutionized many fields and service delivery processes. The public transportation sector is not an exception – mobile solutions offer a single channel for transport providers to connect with their customers.

This promises to change the overall travelling experience. Travellers could access real-time information, maps, timetables, share opinions and pay for their trips, but it also changes the way of how providers manage their resources. Uncomfortable systems alienate customers and neither the companies or our growing cities can afford that.

This white paper focuses on the transportation sector and their challenge of matching the users’ actual needs. Be it scooter/bike rental, taxi, carshare, metro, train, bus or even highway tolls – they’re all part of a larger transportation system that functions as a whole.

We explain how telco partnerships are an organic match for all transportation providers. It helps build seamless payment solutions and generate growth in both the number of customers and revenue.

We also refer to our case study with EasyPark, who is able to offer an easily accessible payment method to more drivers, as well as expand into new countries with no additional development.

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