Meet Fortumo at Slush & Africa Com!

This week we are attending two events 10 472 kilometers apart. From November 12-14, Cape Town hosts one of Africa’s biggest digital economy events Africa Com. Meanwhile in Helsinki, thousands of entrepreneurs will gather for the the start-up conference Slush.

Africa is one of the biggest growth markets for mobile payments - almost nobody owns a credit card, but smartphones are becoming increasingly popular and mobile internet penetration is higher than in many other regions of the world. We are also increasingly focusing on Africa and during the past few months, have connected Nigeria and several Northern African countries to Fortumo.

The lack of credit cards for many users who want to pay online is something which we will also be covering at Slush. Fortumo CEO Rain Rannu will be talking about removing credit cards from the equation for mobile payments. If you are attending Slush, drop by the Blue stage at 10:55 or the Yellow studio at 11:25 on Wednesday to hear what he has to say.

During the upcoming years, there will be no boom in credit card ownership in the emerging markets - that is why developers like Rovio, Electronic Arts, Gameloft, platform providers like Facebook and Barnes & Noble and device manufacturers like ZTE have chosen to partner with Fortumo to collect payments from 4 billion users in 80 countries.

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