14 JUN 2018

Mobike launches on Fortumo’s Messaging Platform

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The smart bike sharing company Mobike and the mobile technology company Fortumo are today announcing a partnership on Fortumo’s Messaging Platform. Mobike will now be able to authenticate users and share service-related messages through SMS in over 15 countries. Mobike can reach both locals and tourists using Fortumo’s platform as it supports mobile users of more than 350 telcos in 100+ countries.

“People never leave their home without a smartphone which gives merchants the opportunity to use telco infrastructure for customer authentication, payments and communication. At the same time, connecting with hundreds of telcos across the world is not scalable. Fortumo resolves the challenge by enabling scale through one integration. Mobike is the global leader in bike sharing services and we are looking forward to growing their customer satisfaction through our messaging platform,” said Andrea Boetti, Vice President of Global Business Development at Fortumo.

“Mobikers are always on the move, so we needed a partner that is also always on the go,” said Florian Bohnert, head of partnerships at Mobike. “Fortumo’s platform allows us to connect with our users in real-time via SMS with important information, such as account verification, and service information. Together with Fortumo we will be able to continually innovate further to meet the needs of our users.”

Fortumo’s Messaging Platform gives merchants a direct line of communication through SMS with their customers for payment notifications and 2-factor user authentication (2FA). The company’s pay-as-you-go model combined with direct connections to mobile operators ensures merchants can reach their customers in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

In recent news from the transportation industry, Fortumo launched carrier billing for the mobile parking company EasyPark.

Fortumo’s platform is used by Google Play, Spotify, iflix, Sony, HOOQ, Gaana, EA Mobile, Gameloft, Kinguin, EasyPark and thousands of other merchants. One integration with the platform enables merchants to bundle their services with, collect payments from and communicate with subscribers of more than 350 mobile operators.

About Mobike

Mobike is the world’s first and largest smart bicycle sharing company. Its mission is to bring more bicycles to more cities, using its innovative technology to make cycling the most convenient and environmentally-friendly transport choice for urban residents. Using specially designed bicycles equipped with GPS and proprietary smart-lock technology, Mobike enables users of its smartphone app to find a bicycle near them, reserve and unlock it, then complete their trip by simply closing the lock anywhere regular bicycle parking is allowed.

The company officially launched its service in Shanghai in April 2016, and in just two years, has now expanded the service to over 200 cities in 16 countries globally. By making urban cycling more accessible, popular, and smart, Mobike is delivering scaled sustainable mobility solutions for people and cities around the world.

By getting people out of cars and back on bicycles, Mobike is helping reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions, improve traffic congestion, and benefit public health. Mobike users have collectively cycled over 18.2 billion kilometers, equivalent to reducing CO2 emissions by more than 4.4 million tons or taking 1.24 million cars off the road for a year.

In recognition of its transformative contribution to the advancement of low carbon public transport, Mobike was named among the 2017 Champions of the Earth by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). For more information, please visit https://mobike.com/.

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