Mobile Operator Billing in Windows Phone Store & Windows Store

According to a recent study by Forbes, Microsoft beats its competitors in a key category: Windows Phone apps make, on average, 1.5x more revenue per download than iOS apps and as much as 8x (!) more than Android apps.

Why is that? One of the key reasons is the fact that Microsoft does not place restrictions on developer's ability to choose it's own payment methods. Developers know that different methods work differently in different countries. In the US, credit cards and Paypal might be the best choice. In China, Alipay, is very popular. In certain markets in Latin America, stored value cards are dominant. And in most emerging markets where mobile phones outnumber credit cards 10 to 1, mobile operator billing is the most popular option.

Microsoft allows developers to choose the best payment option for each region. So it's not surprising that Windows developers make more money per user.

Fortumo is the most experienced mobile payments provider on Windows Phone & Windows 8. The developers who use Fortumo in Windows Store and Windows Phone store confirm that mobile operator billing is providing a significant uplift to their app revenues.

To help developers to get started, we’ve put together this FAQ to explain how operator billing works on Windows Phone and Windows 8:

Does Microsoft itself provide mobile operator billing?
  • Not on Windows 8. For Windows Phone, mobile operator billing is available only for premium apps.
What type of mobile operator billing does Fortumo provide ?
  • In-app purchasing for both Windows Phone & Windows 8 apps
What is the coverage of Microsoft's mobile operator billing?

*On Windows Phone, mobile operator billing is supported in 33 countries through 52 mobile operators; No Microsoft mobile operator billing on Windows 8

What is the coverage of Fortumo mobile operator billing?
  • Fortumo provides mobile operator billing in 81 countries through 300 mobile operators on both Windows Phone & Windows 8
Are Fortumo payments allowed on Windows Phone & Windows 8?
  • Yes, payments are allowed on both Windows Phone and Windows 8. From the Microsoft App Developer Agreement:  You are not required to use Microsoft's commerce engine to support those purchases, but any In-App Purchase functionality that you offer must comply with the Certification Requirements. If your App allows any purchasing from within the App, through Microsoft's commerce engine or otherwise, you must prominently disclose in your product description that In-App Purchase functionality is available. If your App uses a non-Microsoft commerce engine, you must disclose that information in the product description.
Do Fortumo payments comply with Certification requirements?
How do the mobile operator billing payouts compare between Microsoft and Fortumo?
  • Fortumo payouts are up to 85% depending on the country for both Windows Phone & Windows 8; Microsoft payouts for Windows Phone are either  56.1%, 70% or 80%, depending on the country and their payment volume. On Windows 8, there is no mobile operator billing available

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