Carrier Billing in Latin America: free white paper by Fortumo

We’re happy to share another regional white paper for merchants interested in getting a better understanding of the mobile payments ecosystem. This time we have focused on Latin America and its 7 biggest countries: Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Venezuela and Chile.

Latin America has one of the world’s fastest growing smartphone markets in Brazil. Content consumption on mobile devices is also skyrocketing, illustrated by the growth of both mobile ad spend and internet usage. Traditionally carrier app stores and value added services such as ringtones and wallpapers have been very popular here and this usage is moving over to smartphone apps and services.

On the other hand there is a significant gap between smartphone ownership and payment card ownership - merchants are not able to generate revenue from a majority of users browsing their content. This means mobile payments are an excellent fit to capture the growing revenue from the Latin American digital content ecosystem.

Fortumo’s Latin American white paper gives a high-level overview of the biggest markets in the region as well as insights on the carrier billing landscape, user spending behaviour, device preferences and localization.

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