Mobile Payments Now Available in Georgia, Moldova, Bahrain, Iraq & Oman!

Fortumo Coverage Map

Today millions of additional people get access to easy online payments as Fortumo launches carrier billing in Georgia, Moldova, Bahrain, Iraq and Oman. Merchants using Fortumo can now collect payments from 24 countries in Central & Eastern Europe and 14 countries in the Middle East & North Africa. Both of these regions have extremely low credit card penetration but high average revenue per user for online entertainment.

To switch on payment processing in these countries, simply go to your Fortumo Dashboard and enable some or all of them. So what should you know before switching payments on in these countries?

Central & Eastern Europe (CEE) is a region where Fortumo has always provided the biggest carrier billing coverage. The reason why we have heavily focused on this area is because mobile payments work well due to low credit card penetration. Moldova and Georgia are no exceptions as in both countries only around 30% of people own credit cards.

This means most smartphone owners in CEE use carrier billing to pay for services, games and apps instead. We expect Moldova & Georgia to have the popularity as neighboring countries Romania and Azerbaijan - there, monthly ARPPU with carrier billing is $7.6 and $3.9 respectively.

Looking further south to Bahrain, Iraq and Oman, people in the Middle East spent about $1 billion on digital gaming in 2013. Our payments data shows that monthly average revenue per paying user from this region is very high: $10,4 for United Arab Emirates, $7.9 for Saudi Arabia and $6.2 for Jordan.

Smartphones continue to gain popularity in the Middle East as well. In Iraq, smartphone ownership jumped 30% in 2012 and in Oman 65% of phones sold are smartphones. While internet connectivity is lacking - Iraq has only recently announced plans for 3G networks - merchants using Fortumo can be sure that every phone owner is able to make payments because we support offline payment processing as well.

If you’re interested in expanding your payment coverage through carrier billing, please fill out the form below and we will get in touch with you: