25 MAR 2013

NOOK® Announces In-App Purchasing Coming Soon With Fortumo

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Mattias Liivak

Head of Marketing & PR, Fortumo

NOOK Media LLC, a subsidiary of Barnes & Noble, Inc. (NYSE: BKS), the leading retailer of content, digital media and educational products, today announced in-app purchasing is coming soon to NOOK through a partnership with industry-leading mobile payment provider Fortumo. App and game developers will be able to sell premium digital content in their products seamlessly and safely to millions of NOOK customers in the NOOK Store™ (www.nook.com). In the coming weeks and months, thousands of the most-requested games and apps featuring in-app purchasing will be available for customers to experience on NOOK’s award-winning line of tablets, including the critically acclaimed 7-inch NOOK HD and 9-inch NOOK HD+.

In-app purchasing provides developers a deeper engagement with millions of NOOK customers who enjoy using apps on their NOOK devices and browsing the fully curated NOOK Apps™ storefront (www.nook.com). Through its partnership with NOOK Developer™, Fortumo will provide developers with all the tools and resources they need to implement in-app purchasing, including a powerful dashboard with real-time insights on revenues and smart analytics on how customers are making purchases. For more information, developers can visit

For customers, in-app purchasing offers greater access to the most popular games and free apps on NOOK, and gives them the flexibility to buy extra levels, coins and other upgrades to make the app experience even better. And with the integration of Fortumo’s one-click checkout, once a customer has registered for in-app purchasing there’s no need to enter long credit card numbers before each payment. They simply click “Pay” and the purchase is completed in seconds.

“We are thrilled to bring in-app purchasing to NOOK with Fortumo for our community of developers so they can foster a profitable relationship with their customers, while also providing our NOOK customers with a more in-depth app experience and an even wider selection of popular apps,” said Claudia Romanini, VP of NOOK Apps, NOOK Media, LLC. “We look forward to adding thousands of more apps that feature in-app purchasing over the coming weeks and months to expand NOOK’s already wide array of digital content offerings.”

“In-app purchasing makes it possible for developers to ensure the customer only pays when they absolutely love the app. This has proven to be a compelling value proposition for customers and a very successful strategy for developers” said Rain Rannu, Co-Founder and CEO of Fortumo. “We’re excited to work with NOOK and its vibrant developer community to leverage Fortumo’s industry-leading in-app payments solution to bring ‘freemium’ content to millions of NOOK customers.”

The NOOK Store features all of the most popular and bestselling top 100 app titles for tablets available anywhere, including the hottest games, as well as lifestyle, productivity, news, entertainment and reading apps. The NOOK Store also provides helpful age recommendations for parents and lets customers browse by subject area to find the perfect app for their child among the broadest and the most curated app collection of kids’ educational apps on any Android store. With the quality collection of NOOK Apps, customers can choose from a selection of only the best apps available, and enjoy a simple, organized way to discover and purchase apps – right alongside their favorite books, movies and TV shows, magazines, newsstand titles and more. Barnes & Noble’s award-winning line of tablets, including the 7-inch NOOK HD and 9-inch NOOK HD+, brings to life all this exciting content at incredibly low prices starting at $199.

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