Fortumo’s Emerging Markets Payment Index: Q4 2016

Fortumos Emerging Markets Payment Index Q4 2016

Today's post finally wraps up 2016 for us, as we give our latest update on Fortumo's Emerging Markets Payment Index.

In this report, we focus on carrier billing changes in the fastest growing mobile markets during Q4 of 2016.

The aim of the index is to provide digital media companies, web and game developers a benchmark for their revenue in markets with high smartphone growth and low credit card penetration.

The countries covered in the index are India, Nigeria, Pakistan, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Brazil, Egypt, Indonesia and Philippines.

Check out how emerging markets performed in Q4 2016 below! If you are interested in more data on carrier billing and the mobile ecosystem of emerging markets, download our other market reports and white papers.

Direct carrier billing in 2016: global market report by Fortumo

Direct carrier billing in 2016: global market report by Fortumo

Today we are publishing our first annual overview on direct carrier billing, taking a look back at the previous year.

In this report, we give an overview of 3 countries of each region that had the biggest growth in direct carrier billing transaction volume.

The regions covered in the report are: Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East & Africa, Western Europe and Central & Eastern Europe.

For anyone keeping an eye on mobile industry news, it should come as no surprise that Asia Pacific has grown to dominate the global digital landscape.

But how has carrier billing transformed elsewhere and which are the markets with the biggest potential for mobile payments?

Get your copy of the report now and find out!

How will demonetisation affect India’s telecommunications industry?

How will demonetisation affect India’s telecommunications industry?

This post originally appeared on Siliconindia.

The Indian government’s demonetization plan has shaken up the society and caused significant impact on people’s everyday lives. Beside the shift to a more digital nation and its benefits as a result of abandoning cash, there are additional benefits for specific parties in the economy.

Digital payment providers, primarily banks and wallet companies, are the biggest beneficiaries from people moving over to digital payment channels. But one type of organization has been overlooked that has the opportunity to do both societal good and grow their revenue: mobile operators.

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Kicking off 2017 with a news round-up of 2016

Kicking off 2017 with a news round-up of 2016

On behalf of everyone at Fortumo, I wish you a great start to 2017 and hope the new year is successful for you. Below you will find our last recap of news stories from 2016, covering what happened in the mobile industry during December.

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2017: Steady payments growth for carriers, opportunities to accelerate it further

Special report: carrier billing for dating services

This article originally appeared on The Fast Mode.

As physicist Nils Bohr has said, prediction is very difficult, especially if it's about the future. Predictions are often impacted by mass psychosis, with biggest growth forecasts given to technologies that are perceived to be coolest at the time. The more long-term the prediction, the harder it is to avoid falling into cliches. The telecommunications industry is a giant and relatively slow moving sector that is nevertheless going through substantial change right now. My predictions for 2017 will focus on how the emergence of digital economy will continue impacting the existing business of carriers and what they will do to embrace it. I will especially focus on what will happen to carriers from a payments perspective in 2017 and how they can prepare for it. Here are my 5 predictions for the upcoming year.

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