Payment testing: how to make sure your cross-platform services work

Payment testing - how to make sure your cross-platform services work

When launching a new payment method, you want to make sure that your customers can actually pay with it. So how to do that with Fortumo’s platform?

After creating a new payment service with Fortumo, we put the service into Sandbox mode. This means that your customers can not make real payments yet, but you can simulate billing to see if it works.

To test services in Sandbox mode, click on the Test tab:

Payment testing - how to make sure your cross-platform services work - Test tab

The testing feature lets you simulate successful and unsuccessful payments. This allows you to see if the connection between your service and the Fortumo platform works. For Sandbox services, check the payment notification for “test” parameter before providing the service.

For cross-platform services, you can also test whether you direct users to the correct page after they have purchased an item from you. The redirection URL is configured during service setup or you can add it later from the Edit tab.

You can test any service that you plan to put live in Sandbox mode. But we recommend that you create a separate sandbox payment service which you can use in your QA process. This service should use the same configuration as the service that you plan to launch later.

The most common issues that developers see during integration are the following:

  • Advanced integration parameters have been added incorrectly
  • The calculated signature does not take effect
  • The CUID parameter has not been set
  • The redirection URL-s have been configured incorrectly

If you are running into any of these issues, check out our list of solutions.

Once you have configured everything to work, the payment services are ready for launch. Hit the “Go Live” button on your Dashboard. After a compliance check from our team, you are ready to start processing payments:

Payment testing - how to make sure your cross-platform services work - Go Live

Most problems during integration are common cases among several developers. We have mapped these cases out in our Developers Portal. Make sure to read through the documentation before you start integration!