White paper: Providing good customer support for payment services

Providing good customer support for payment services

Having some of your customers face problems while making payments is an unavoidable issue. When troubleshooting such cases, there are two options: resolving the issue successfully and retaining the customer, or failing to do so in a timely manner and losing future revenue from them.

Providing good support has a direct impact on revenue: a recent study by Forrester claims companies with good customer support grow 5 times faster than those who provide mediocre assistance. Forrester’s study and other data points often make an indirect connection between revenue and customer support. With payments-related support, the connection is direct: failed payments or users demanding refunds mean the money is either never arriving in your bank account or about to leave it.

This white paper aims to give merchants an understanding on how Fortumo helps merchants with customer support and what merchants can do on their own to provide great customer support experiences to their own users.

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