16 APR 2020

Q1 2020: new launches and features update

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Andrei Dementjev

COO, Fortumo

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We hope everything is going as well for you as it can in the ongoing crisis. Here is a brief update on the new connections and platform improvements team Fortumo has been working on during Q1.

New connections

  • Netherlands: additional telcos (Vodafone, T-Mobile & Telfort) launched for Unified SDK
  • Ukraine: Kyivstar & Vodafone launched for Unified SDK & Web SDK (DCB, PIN flow)
  • Malaysia: additional telco (U-Mobile) launched for Unified SDK & Web SDK (DCB, PIN flow) 
  • Indonesia: Header Enrichment flow added on telco Indosat for Unified SDK & Web SDK

Unified SDK improvements 

Unified SDK lets merchants launch DCB on Fortumo’s telco connections while the checkout flow is managed by Fortumo. This gives a scalable way for merchants to launch multiple telcos through one integration and removes the need to spend time on checkout flow localization. In Q1, the following features were added to Unified SDK:

  • Added free_trial_limit parameter for limiting the number of times one phone number (MSISDN) can redeem a free trial in order to prevent trial abuse; free_trial_limit parameter is documented here
  • Added amount parameter to Refund API for cases where the user needs to receive a refund for a partial value of the transaction; creating partial refunds is documented here
  • Improved the handling of cases where the PIN code delivery is delayed; users are now given instructions on how to troubleshoot the issue and complete their transaction

Bundling Platform improvements 

Fortumo’s Bundling Platform lets digital service providers and telcos (mobile operators, TV providers and ISP-s) easily set up multiple bundle and reselling offers through one integration. In Q1, the following features were added to the Bundling Platform:

  • Launched a new analytics solution for merchants and telcos using the Bundling Platform which provides in-depth information on bundling performance including activations, cancellations, conversions and failed activation reasons
  • Added informative error pages to bundle activation flows in cases where the service has already been activated or the user does not meet the entitlement criteria
  • Added a new error code (ERR_2010) for cases where the user has left the flow without completing service activation and has restarted it; primarily intended to be used for analytical purposes documented here
  • Added flexible callback endpoint logic for partners who need to use dedicated URLs for activation and cancellation callbacks

General improvements 

New research 

If you have any questions or feedback, please get in touch.

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