21 JUL 2020

Q2 2020: new launches and features update

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Andrei Dementjev

COO, Fortumo

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New connections

Web SDK & Hosted DCB launches (PIN flow) 

  • United Kingdom: direct connections launched for Three
  • Sri Lanka: additional telco (Mobitel) launched
  • Myanmar: additional telco (Mytel) launched
  • Czech Republic: direct connections launched for O2
  • Slovenia: direct connections launched for Telekom
  • Poland: subscription support launched for Plus, T-Mobile & Orange   

All telcos launched for Hosted DCB in Germany

Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, and Russia are still on-demand connections for Hosted DCB. If you are interested in launching in any of these countries, please contact your Account Manager.

Payment product updates

Hosted DCB lets merchants launch DCB on Fortumo’s telco connections while the checkout flow is managed by Fortumo. This gives a scalable way for merchants to launch multiple telcos through one integration and removes the need to spend time on checkout flow localization. In Q2, the following features were added to Hosted DCB:

  • User interface improvements for a more subtle payment experience
  • Possibility for the user to change their phone number in HDCB flow
  • On-demand fraud prevention feature that reduces fraud transaction volumes. Ability to identify and limit unique accounts that are associated with specific phone numbers that generate high volumes of suspicious transactions. Currently only open for merchants who have big volumes of fraud traffic.

Bundling Platform improvements 

Fortumo’s Bundling Platform lets digital service providers and telcos (mobile operators, TV providers, and ISP-s) easily set up multiple bundles and reselling offers through one integration. In Q2, the following features were added to the Bundling Platform:

  • Launched a new test offers a solution which simulates the behavior of a live offer. This feature allows integration development and testing to be completed faster. documented here.
  • Additional cancellation management capabilities. Both soft & hard cancellations can be done directly via the bundling platform. More information about cancellations documented here.

General improvements

Support updates

All merchants and end-users of Fortumo have the possibility to get help & support from our Customer Support Portal. This feature is set up as a chatbot and all problems are categorized and prioritized by our customer support team. In Q2, we added a FAQ section to our Support Portal, that you can use as a guide to help your users. 

New research 

2020 carrier billing report Latin America & Iberia

If you have any questions or feedback, please get in touch.

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