8 JUL 2021

Q2 2021: new launches and features update

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Andrei Dementjev

COO, Fortumo

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During Q2, Fortumo added several new payment connections that you can launch through your existing integration, as well as making improvements to our payment and bundling products. Check out the updates from the quarter below!

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New payment connections

The following new payment connections are now available on Unified SDK:

Unified SDK product improvements

Unified SDK gives merchants access to Fortumo’s direct carrier billing and digital wallet connections while the checkout flow is managed by Fortumo. This makes launching multiple payment connections through one integration simple and scalable.

During Q2, the following features were added to Unified SDK:

  • Added new authorization flow – redirect authorization – for payments on some mobile wallets. Usage of the redirect flow is documented here.
  • Started displaying consumer’s MSISDN on subscription cancellation page, making it easier for the user to understand which of their phone numbers they are subscribed from.
  • Added capability for users to cancel subscriptions which are in suspended status.

Trident Bundling Platform improvements 

Fortumo’s Trident Bundling Platform lets streaming services (VOD, music, cloud gaming) easily set up multiple bundle and reselling offers with telcos (mobile operators, TV and STB providers, ISP-s) through one integration. 

During Q2, the following features were added to the Bundling Platform: 

  • Added renewal (for Fortumo-managed subscriptions) and active bundles count metrics to the bundling analytics solution. 
  • Added new parameter failure_redirect_delay which can be used for specifying the time before the user is redirected away from the error screen. If the time is set to 0, then the redirect happens instantly. 

General improvements

For merchants using Unified SDK, added overview of pending connections to Fortumo Dashboard’s Connections tab. Merchants can now see which launches are waiting behind approval, in addition to the previously displayed live connections and available connections.

New research

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