14 OCT 2021

Q3 2021: new launches and features update

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Andrei Dementjev

COO, Fortumo

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Here is an overview of new payment connections, product features and market research that Fortumo has been working on during the last 3 months.

If you have any questions or feedback, please get in touch.

New payment connections

The following new payment connections are now available on Unified SDK:

Unified SDK product improvements 

Unified SDK gives merchants access to Fortumo’s direct carrier billing and mobile wallet connections while the checkout flow is managed by Fortumo. This makes launching multiple payment connections through one integration simple and scalable.

During Q3, the following features were added to Unified SDK:

  • Added new authorisation flow parameter redirect_auth_on_payment that is used for one-time payment flows with mobile wallets. Usage of the new parameter is documented here
  • Added support for MSISDNs starting with a leading zero. In some countries, users enter their phone number with a 0 in the beginning, doing this no longer gives them an error and they can complete the payment
  • The date format used in checkout flows can now be changed (e.g. 27/11/2021 or 11/27/2021). If you would like to use this feature, please contact your Account Manager or Integration Manager

Trident Bundling Platform improvements 

Fortumo’s Trident Bundling Platform lets streaming services (VOD, music, cloud gaming) easily set up multiple bundle and reselling offers with telcos (mobile operators, TV and STB providers, ISP-s) through one integration. 

During Q3, the following features were added to the Bundling Platform: 

  • Added new parameter valid_from to signed redirect activation flows. It is now possible to specify the starting time of the bundle entitlement
  • Added new metrics for data bundles to to the bundling analytics solution
  • Added support to specify cancellation type (soft or hard) when calling the Bundling API

General improvements 

  • Fortumo now tracks currency exchange rates based on OANDA instead of Xe
  • Added page to Merchants Portal explaining mobile wallet integrations for merchants already using Unified SDK for carrier billing
  • Added page to Merchants Portal explaining payment methods available on Fortumo’s platform

New research 

Revenue calculator
Do the math: how much would your revenue increase with carrier billing?
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