Ready for the holiday season payments volume increase?

To people working in the online commerce industry, it's no surprise that the December holiday season breaks e-commerce records. The same happens in carrier billing, but with a small difference.

Ready for the holiday season payments volume increase digital content

While physical goods are purchased prior to the holidays, carrier billing spend slows down before the season. That’s because people head home to their families instead of watching movies or playing games.

Mobile payment spending ramps up after the holidays when people power on their new laptops, tablets and smartphones and start consuming digital content.

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If you are a merchant preparing for the holiday season, there are a few other things to keep in mind:

  • People celebrate different holidays and marketing materials should be modified accordingly (Christmas for Christians, Hanukkah for Jews etc).
  • People celebrate at different times: for example in Russia, Christmas will take place on January 7th.
  • Not everyone celebrates the Holiday season. In India, the most popular holiday season is Diwali, which took place last week. In China, the biggest e-commerce day of the year is Single’s Day.
  • This is the one time of the year that you do not want your payment systems to fail: as physical products merchants are preparing their warehouse, planning logistics for the deliveries etc, for digital and virtual contents merchants it makes sense to rely on strong and stable payment partners and also to involve backup partners and making sure existing ones are able to scale for the increase in payments.
  • Your service providers should be ready to handle the increased end-user support needed after the holiday season.

With a significant amount of smartphone purchases shifting to the emerging markets where bank card penetration is low, we have also over the years seen merchants becoming especially interested in adding carrier billing to their services prior to the holiday season.

If you're also interested in taking advantage of carrier billing, sign up and get started before the holiday season - mobile payments can usually be integrated in 1 sprint (1 week) so there is still enough time.