Subscription payments now available for Windows Phone & Windows 8 with Fortumo!


Developers using Fortumo’s in-app purchasing solution on Windows Phone and Windows 8 have seen up to 4x revenue growth through carrier billing in markets like Brazil, Argentina and Vietnam. We are now excited to announce Fortumo has also started supporting recurring payments on Windows Phone and Windows 8!

Subscription payments are mostly used by non-gaming services because of the underlying business logic. In case of streaming services like Pandora, getting access to hundreds of thousands of songs for a low monthly price is a valuable marketing proposition.

Meanwhile, utility apps like Endomondo have long user retention cycles which means subscriptions can actually bring more revenue than selling a limited number of features separately.

The biggest challenge for gaming, entertainment and utility app developers alike is the lack of monetization opportunities in emerging markets: this is also why companies such as Spotify have not expanded into these regions.

Carrier billing helps resolve this issue by enabling payments for any phone owner in regions where credit card penetration is low. With subscription payments enabled through carrier billing on Windows Phone & Windows 8, more developers will get the opportunity to take advantage of the increased payment coverage and better conversion that mobile payments provide.

We will be rolling out subscriptions country-by-country based on the interest of merchants towards specific markets. The first countries in which developers can start using recurring billing through mobile payments are Brazil, France, United Kingdom, Sweden and Romania. This means you can immediately extend your payment coverage to more than 350 million end-users without credit cards.

If you’re interested in expanding your payment coverage through carrier billing, please fill out the form below and we will get in touch with you:

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