Subscriptions and carrier billing: download our free white paper

Subscriptions and carrier billing download our free white paper

Subscription payments are the dominant monetization strategy for music and video streaming services, digital magazine and book portals, dating sites and productivity tools. But this strategy usually relies on card-based payments, which are unsuitable for the fastest growing smartphone markets of the world where most people do not have a credit card.

In this white paper, we give an overview of how to modify your subscription offering for emerging markets and carrier billing. If you are a merchant using a subscription-based business model, this white paper will be useful to you as it provides information on the following topics:

  • different types of subscription offerings that are suitable for emerging markets and how to choose the correct one for your service
  • how to localize subscription payments for emerging markets, taking into account local user spending patterns and market specifics
  • how to ensure a good purchasing experience for subscribers in order to reduce churn and increase conversion
  • how to avoid cannibalization when using several different payment methods for your subscription services
  • a practical case study on streaming services showing how localizing pricing has had a positive impact on subscription revenue from emerging markets

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