Swisscom case study: how do mobile operators benefit from direct carrier billing?

Fortumo Swisscom case study how do mobile operators benefit from direct carrier billing

Some time ago we published a white paper on direct carrier billing and how it can replace credit card payments in emerging markets. But carrier billing can also compete with other payment methods in mature markets thanks to its superior user experience and growing penetration of smart devices.

The Swiss mobile operator market leader Swisscom is a great example of this. They took the risk of upgrading their payment platform and approaching new business verticals, including physical services and billing for app stores. This has paid off as direct carrier billing has brought benefits to both Swisscom and their merchants:

  • Involvement in the modern mobile payment business
  • Increased ARPU and customer satisfaction
  • Significant end-user uptake of payments
  • Triple-digit improvement in conversion thanks to improved checkout flows
  • Increased transaction sizes
  • Stable platform with 0% error rate in transactions

Fortumo has been working together with Swisscom for two years and we can say that out of the 350 mobile operators that we cover, their direct carrier billing platform is one of the most advanced.

Below you can find a case study on how Swisscom implemented direct carrier billing and what have been the benefits. Just enter your contact details and you’ll get access to the full overview: