16 JUL 2019

Telco partnerships as an organic match for OTT services

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Krõõt Padrik

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The days of appointment viewing TV are over and hopefully don’t make a comeback any time soon (unless as a weird hipster fad in some trendy neighbourhood we can’t even pronounce). It’s no wonder video on demand and streaming services have taken the world of entertainment by storm and show no signs of stopping. It’s just that comfortable!

At the same time this new market has gotten really cluttered really fast. Even though VOD is a breakthrough in the entertainment industry, people start to take it for granted. To get ahead in this competitive game, you have to offer just the right thing to the right person with the right price – and the right payment method.

This white paper focuses on the OTT industry, it’s newest trends and how they can benefit from telco partnerships and implementing direct carrier billing. It doesn’t matter if you deliver content in TV/movies, Sports or E-sports – the challenges and opportunities are intertwined in the whole sector.

We explain how telco partnerships are an organic match for all OTT providers. They help build seamless payment solutions and generate growth in both the number of customers and revenue.

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