29 MAY 2014

TreSensa Solves HTML5 Gaming Revenue Puzzle with Fortumo

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Mattias Liivak

Head of Marketing & PR, Fortumo

The game development and distribution platform TreSensa is today announcing that it has partnered with mobile payments company Fortumo to bring in-app purchasing using carrier billing to TreSensa’s gaming network. HTML5 developers publishing apps through TreSensa are now be able to earn additional revenue with mobile payments.

“In-app purchasing has become the industry standard business model for mobile games. In partnership with Fortumo, we are now making this seamless payment solution available to HTML5 developers as well. Mobile web games have tremendous growth opportunities ahead and developers can now easily take advantage of this,” said Robert Grossberg, CEO of Tresensa.

“There are over 4 billion people in the world who do not have a credit card but who are able to make payments online using carrier billing. Because the payment flow of carrier billing is much more seamless, carrier billing outperforms credit cards in terms of conversion, especially on mobile devices,” added Rain Rannu, CEO & co-founder at Fortumo. Fortumo payments data shows that direct carrier billing enables HTML5 developers to reach payment conversion of 40% and higher for repeat purchases.

TreSensa has initially rolled out mobile payments for its
gaming portal. Developers publishing their HTML5 apps through TreSensa do not need to do any additional integration for in-app purchasing as mobile payments are available across the entire TreSensa platform. In total, TreSensa has partnered with over 100 different mobile gaming portals for HTML5 app distribution.

About TreSensa

Based in New York and founded by Tremor Video alums Robert Grossberg and Vincent Obermeier and software developer Rakesh Raju, TreSensa is a game development and distribution company that optimizes games for the mobile web. TreSensa supports a growing library of games that are amongst the best performing mobile web games on the market (see
). TreSensa is working with top game studios, media companies, cable networks, social networks, game portals, web portals and brands to support their mobile gaming efforts. TreSensa was a member of First Growth Venture Network’s fourth vintage of start-up companies.

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