1 OCT 2019

Vidio launches direct carrier billing in Indonesia with Fortumo

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Mattias Liivak

Head of Marketing & PR, Fortumo

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The mobile technology company Fortumo and Indonesia’s biggest streaming platform Vidio are today launching a direct carrier billing partnership. More than 140 million subscribers of Indosat Ooredoo, 3, XL Axiata and Smartfren can subscribe to “Vidio Premier” and charge payments for the service to their mobile operator invoice.

Vidio is Indonesia’s leading streaming service with more than 40 million monthly active users. The platform features online TV, video on demand, and the paid subscription service “Vidio Premier”. Users who subscribe to Vidio Premier gain access to international live sports, International TV channels and local Asian content such as Korean dramas, Thai and Hollywood movies. Now, users can now purchase Vidio Premier also with direct carrier billing. Vidio Premier is available through monthly and multi-month subscriptions, as well as daily and weekly sachets.

“Creating a successful digital business requires four elements: knowing the local consumer base, providing them with varied good quality content, driving visibility of the service, and providing widely available, consumer-friendly payment methods. Vidio has nailed the impressive growth in their direct carrier billing business by orchestrating the visibility with their local telco providers,” said Andrea Boetti, VP of Global Business Development at Fortumo. “This is an essential element which many other OTT players are overlooking.”

“With good local content in place and easy payment options available, Vidio’s job #1 is to drive visibility with our telco partners: Indosat, 3, Axiata and Smartfren for a mutual go-to-market strategy to let our user base knows the service and how easy it is to own the subscription,” said Hermawan Sutanto, Deputy CEO Vidio. “It’s not rocket science and works perfectly. A win for our partners and a win for Vidio”.

Vidio’s fast growth reinforces Fortumo’s position as the leading direct carrier billing provider in the region. Recently, the company also opened an office in Jakarta to better service its digital merchant and telco partners in South-East Asia.

In Indonesia, less than 3% of people have a credit card and less than 50% have an account with a financial institution. At the same time, smartphone ownership in the country is already at 60% (153 million users). This means a large number of consumers are able to access online services but are unable to pay for premium content.

Direct carrier billing resolves this challenge with payments by allowing anyone with a mobile phone to make online payments. Every mobile device owner has access to the payment method: charges are either deducted from the user’s prepaid SIM card balance or added to their monthly postpaid invoice.

Unlike bank cards and digital wallets, carrier billing does not require the user create or log in to any accounts or share their personal information. Instead, the user initiates the payment from their phone and confirms it with an SMS-based one-time password. This makes the payment process easier and safer for consumers, while increasing conversion for digital merchants.

Vidio launched direct carrier billing in Indonesia through Fortumo’s Unified SDK product. Unified SDK is Fortumo’s turnkey solution which gives digital merchants access to all of Fortumo’s direct integrations with mobile operators. At the same time, Fortumo hosts the checkout flows, which are localized and compliant with each telco’s requirements. This allows for a global roll-out of direct carrier billing with minimal development resources and approval time.

Additional features of Unified SDK include:

  • Launching new pricing and markets for direct carrier billing without any development
  • Simple payment flows for consumers, using 1-click and PIN-confirmed payments
  • White-label capability to match checkout flows with merchants’ brand identities
  • Support for a wide range of business models (one-time, pay-as-you-go and subscription payments) as well as promotional offers (free trials, discount campaigns and promotions)

In addition to Vidio, Fortumo’s Unified SDK is used by other leading digital merchants including OLX, Kinguin, JOOX, iflix and Smule.

About Vidio

Vidio is the ultimate destination for Indonesian people to watch and enjoy the content they love. It provides a highly curated video on demand content, the most complete free-to-air live TV streaming service, and the subscription-based premium content – from international and local sports, Hollywood, Bollywood, Asian, and local movies, series and original series. For more information, please visit https://www.vidio.com/.

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