What To Learn From 1 Million Payments On Android?

Fortumo processes hundreds of thousands of payments each day. In order to help developers using Fortumo maximize their revenue, we recently extracted one million payments conducted on Android randomly from our database. Some of the more interesting findings from this data is presented on the infographic below.

Fortumo 1 Million Android Payments

As the infographic does not tell the full story, here are the key takeaways to consider when planning for payments on Android:

  • Android OS is fragmented: 27.7% of users make payments on Android Gingerbread (2.3.6) - a version of the operating system launched in September 2011. An additional 18% use an even older version of Android. This can be explained with the widespread use of cheaper, lower-end smartphones in emerging markets.
  • Weekends bring the highest revenue: There is a tendency for more revenue to be made during weekends. The dataset is randomized across all our developers, but the largest ones hold their promotional campaigns during Saturday and Sunday when people have more time to play.
  • Revenue can be made anywhere: For us, the five countries listed in the infographic - Brazil, Thailand, France, Turkey and Malaysia - are some of the biggest in terms of revenue. Germany and UK are also pretty high on the list. This shows that even in developed countries - where there are a lot of credit cards - users still prefer to pay using their phone, simply because it’s easier.

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