What is the best time to organize a promotional campaign for your digital business?

What’s the best time to organize a promotional campaign for your digital business

For most most online commerce companies, December is the biggest month of the year in terms of revenue. That’s because people are buying gifts for the Christmas season. But not all people in the world celebrate Christmas, nor does the buying spree happen at the same time globally. Below we have listed global and regional events around which digital content merchants can additionally plan campaigns to increase revenue.

Secular and traditional events

During the off-holiday season which comprises most of the year, there are several times of the year when people are more inclined to make online purchases and give gifts to one another. These occasions happen on a global level which merchants can take advantage of:

  • Mother’s and Father’s Day: these take place at different times in various countries, which also allows merchants to run a similar, but localized campaign for different markets
  • Valentine’s Day: February 14th is the date when most couples show appreciation for each other. In the UK for example, almost half of the population buys something for their loved one on this day
  • Back-to-school and graduation periods: The young audience that graduates from (or starts going to) high schools and universities each year is sizeable. As they are the most connected demographic in society, gifts of digital goods and services are usually more than welcome.
  • Global sporting events: Recurring events such as the Olympic games, the Cricket World Cup, FIFA World Championship etc. can be leveraged by merchants to drive purchasing of sports-related content.


The two biggest markets of Asia are India and China and both markets celebrate occasions very different from those in the Western Countries. For China, merchants can focus on the following events:

  • Single's Day: One of the biggest online commerce events in China.
  • Chinese New Year: Unlike the Western new year that occurs on January 1st each year, the Chinese New Year is tied to the Chinese calendar and its date in relation to the Gregorian calendar.
  • National Day Golden Week: A week of festivities in October celebrating China’s national day.
  • Dragon Boat Festival: Another floating festival which happens around the summer solstice.
  • Labour Day: celebrated on May 1st each year

For India, merchants need to keep in mind the vast cultural and religious diversity of the country. In addition to Christmas, the other major holidays around which to plan your campaigns are:

  • Diwali: an ancient Hindu festival that involves giving gifts to friends and family members; occurs either in October or November
  • Holi: another major Hindu festival that takes place in March
  • Eid-al-Fitr: There are more than 170 million muslims in India and the end of Ramadan is another marketing opportunity for digital merchants
  • On a general note, it’s worth pointing out that the holiday and vacation seasons in India take place from May to June and from October to November, unlike Western markets where they occur during the summer and December

MENA region & other countries with a significant Muslim population (e.g. Malaysia)

As already pointed out, Eid-al-Fitr is a significant holiday for the Muslim community. Another important holiday to keep an eye out for isEid al-Adha, taking place some time between August and September each year.

Eastern Europe and Commonwealth of Independents States

In this region of the world, Eastern Orthodox Christianity is the dominant religion. This means that the Julian calendar times are used to celebrate events which are also celebrated in Western markets, but at a different time:

  • New Year: takes place roughly two weeks after January 1st
  • Orthodox Christmas: takes place on January 7th
  • Orthodox Easter: floating holiday that takes place some time between April and May
  • Labour Day: The same holiday that is also celebrated in China and takes place on May 1st each year

Latin America

Most Western holidays are also celebrated in Latin America. One key holiday that can be focused on for Latin America isThree Kings Day, occurring shortly after the New Year and also involves giving gifts to relatives and friends.

Don't forget about timing!

Beside planning your local marketing campaigns around these dates, it’s also crucial to keep in mind the timing of the campaigns. Generally, people purchase gifts upfront for holidays a few weeks before the actual event itself. During the holidays, people are usually offline and start spending time with their family and friends.

While the post-holiday season is a low period for offline merchants, it provides a significant opportunity for campaigns to digital merchants: people now begin to switch on their new smartphones and tablets and check out the digital gifts that they have been given. Don’t miss these opportunities for increasing your revenue!