Where are Chinese developers headed to?


The Chinese mobile business industry has changed dramatically over the past few years. When Fortumo set up office in Beijing back in 2011 most Chinese developers still focused on the local market and only a handful of bravehearts were targeting the international audience.

The market has changed quite a bit since then. As the local landscape has became hyper-competitive and is reaching saturation level lots of Chinese developers have started to expand outside to sustain growth of the business. An additional boost to confidence of Chinese developers has been given by Alibaba’s record-breaking IPO and Xiaomi’s expansion into South-East Asian markets.

It is quite natural, that Chinese developers choose to expand to India and to other key South-East Asian countries (such as Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam etc) first, mostly due to the proximity and cultural closeness (at least compared with their peers in the US or Western Europe). These markets happen to have the highest smartphone growth globally in the coming years, meaning Chinese developers could gain an upper hand when the digital lifestyle reaches the masses there.

To unlock the payments, carrier billing is a necessity in the region. Fortumo as the leading carrier billing provider for emerging markets is proud to have helped lots of Chinese developers to expand to India and to South-East Asia - among others we are working with leading merchants like Boyaa, SkyMobi, WeChat, Changyou, Baidu and ZTE.

If you’re curious about the region’s potential, check out Fortumo white papers on mobile ecosystems in India and South-East Asia.

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