Where To Earn Revenue With Windows Phone?

A few months ago, you may have heard of a news story about Windows Phones outselling iPhones in 7 markets. While Android is unquestionably dominating, Windows Phone showed a 60% growth in shipments compared to iPhone’s 20% growth in Q2 2013.

Despite its tiny market share, there is one interesting aspect to note in the growth of Windows Phone: all of the countries where Microsoft beat Apple are located in the emerging markets of Latin America, Eastern Europe and Africa. We have previously mentioned that competitive pricing makes Windows Phone an attractive platform for consumers in growing regions.

So what is the key takeaway from this for developers building on Windows Phone? It might be worth looking into emerging markets when figuring out where to earn revenue with your app.

In the infographic below, we have highlighted payment behaviour from other platforms in countries where Windows Phone is outselling iPhone. Our payment data shows that there is money to be made in these markets, but compared to credit cards, mobile payments are much more widely available than credit cards. Data on phone shipments & market share is from Q1 2013.

Windows Phone Infographic Fortumo

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