White paper for mobile operators: keeping up and profiting from the digital ecosystem

White paper for mobile operators: keeping up and profiting from the digital ecosystem

The usage of OTT services (video and music streaming, app stores, social networks, IP-calling) is growing. As a result, mobile data consumption is in exponential growth. This requires carriers to increase investments into their network infrastructure.

But the prevailing digital ecosystem model generates no profit to carriers. Services such as Skype, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are eating into revenue from calling and messaging. In parallel, the global telecom industry’s ARPU declined by 4.5% in 2014 and 2.8% in 2015 due to growth in emerging markets with lower user income.

In our latest white paper, we present a solution on how carriers can grow their ARPU from digital subscribers by 25% on average. This can be achieved by connecting to app stores, music and digital streaming merchants to carrier subscribers.

In addition, we explore the $626 billion mobile commerce industry and how carriers can take advantage of partnering with existing financial technology companies (digital wallets and credit card providers) to generate additional revenue from new business lines.

Carriers will find the following useful information from this white paper:

  • Changes in the digital ecosystem and its impact on the telecommunication business

  • An overview of benefits in direct monetization of OTT partnerships

  • How implementing carrier billing in new digital segments (app stores and streaming services) grows a carrier’s ARPU by 25% on average

  • An estimation of revenue impact from partnerships with financial technology providers and the technical commercial requirements for entering these new segments

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