White paper: How to create an efficient merchant audit process for direct carrier billing?

How to create an efficient merchant audit process for direct carrier billing?

In order for a digital merchant to be able to launch carrier billing, carriers need to audit the service that is provided to their subscribers. Carriers are responsible in front of the local authorities for activities that rely on their network infrastructure and local laws may additionally dictate what type of digital services can be sold to consumers. This means carriers need to make sure that services for which carrier billing is used are also compliant with local rules and regulations.

At the same time, the audit process can cause frustration:

  1. Carriers have to review each service manually, which takes a long time; monitoring live services extends the burden, especially as the number of merchants using carrier billing grows
  2. Merchants have to wait for approvals and adjust service materials based on feedback; this leads to delays in launching services or giving up on carrier billing altogether

If the carrier’s service auditing process is not streamlined, launches are either delayed (leading to lost revenue) or merchants give up on carrier billing (no additional revenue for the carrier at all).

In this white paper, carriers will find useful information about:

  1. How delays in auditing impact carrier revenue and reputation with merchants
  2. What are the benefits of delegating auditing to companies like Fortumo
  3. How to set up an audit framework with approval partners
  4. How approval partners audit, approve and monitor live services

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