White paper: risk and fraud management with carrier billing

White paper risk and fraud management with carrier billing

Today we are excited to publish our carrier billing risk management guide. This guide allows carriers and merchants to get a better understanding on how to monitor payment traffic for fraudulent activity and mitigate risk of bad debt by managing user spend limits while encouraging spending for legitimate users.

Risk management for carrier billing works in the combination of input from carriers, payment service providers like Fortumo and merchants . As a combination of these criteria, individual transactions can be assessed as well as spending limits applied to specific users and user groups.

Managing risk helps avoid a situation where subscribers encounter bill shock (realizing they have made more purchases than they expected). This in turn reduces customer complaints, chargeback request as well as potential issues with regulators.

Having a proper risk management solution in place helps both merchants and carriers increase revenue (enabling higher spending limits and allowing transactions from low-risk, high-spending users) while minimizing revenue losses (reduced amount of fraudulent payments and bad debt).

Download this white paper if you are interested in learning more about:

  • Types of fraud and their likelihood with carrier billing
  • Attributes that can be used for assessing user and transaction risk with carrier billing
  • Mitigating risk through applying (dynamic) spending limits to user groups
  • Criteria that should be considered when accepting and rejecting transactions
  • Examples of dynamically managing spend limits and assessing transactions
  • Suggestions for merchants in order to reduce their fraud risk with carrier billing

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