Why are turn-key payment solutions better than using an API?

In a recent blog post we covered advanced integration tips to increase conversion and revenue through our cross-platform payment solution (“widget”). Fortumo’s widget provides an out-of-the box solution to launch carrier billing in 88 countries with minimal integration effort.

Fortumo Cross-Platform Payments Carrier Billing

Still, merchants often want to build their own payment solution using Fortumo’s direct carrier billing API. In reality most of the benefits merchants expect from integrating through Fortumo’s API are already present in the cross-platform payment solution. Here’s a list of the key benefits of integrating the ready-made solution:*Customization: Fortumo’s widget integration can be modified to make it better suitable for your infrastructure and business. It’s also possible to change the look and feel of the checkout flow

  • Conversion: In case of an API set-up it is up to the merchant to track and tweak the checkout conversion and optimization; for the widget we constantly optimize the flow ourselves so merchants don’t have to, based on a number of key parameters for each country, platform and payment service
  • Localisation: Fortumo’s widget is fully localized into 39 languages and supports special cases like right-to-left text for Arabic & Hebrew; using the API means all the localization and updates need to be handled by the merchant. Know a language which we don’t cover but should? Get in touch!
  • Compliance: The 88 markets that we cover with carrier billing have very different rules in terms of what needs to be displayed during the checkout flow; with the widget this has already been implemented by Fortumo while for the API the merchant needs to add, track and update compliance materials on their own
  • Maintenance: building out an API connection for billing takes time and if you’re planning to upgrade your technology to a new platform it might require changes to the billing API as well; Fortumo’s widget on the other hand is agnostic - regardless of which platform or technical set-up you’re using, it’s guaranteed to work

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