Windows 8 Is Alive And Well: Recap Of Microsoft Build

At the end of June, Fortumo participated at Microsoft Build in San Francisco. The event focused on Windows 8 and it was great to see thousands of developers interested in building apps for Microsoft’s platforms.

At industry events we always want to be in the middle of the developers to hear their plans and thoughts on different platforms. Despite the fact it was a Microsoft event, it was interesting to hear how all the developers emphasized the simplicity of developing apps for Windows 8. Most of them even said building their app for Windows 8 took about one third to half of the time to complete compared to the Android version. Microsoft provides a good overview of how to get started with building Windows 8 apps here.

At this event Fortumo partnered with Microsoft for the QuickStart Challenge which featured scenarios from partner companies that developers had to complete to win prizes.

It made us happy to see such a big number of developers building apps for Windows 8 and seeing the need for carrier billing based in-app payments that help them to monetize users without credit cards across the world. And as always, it’s great to get direct feedback from hundreds of developers who mostly said our SDK was the easiest to integrate :).

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