Windows 8 Payments Update: Easier Integration & Windows Phone Support

We are happy to let you know that we have released a major upgrade for our Windows 8 in-app payments solution today.

Based on feedback from developers who are already using Windows 8 payments solution, our development team has been busy upgrading it and adding additional features. Today, we are launching a new version of the product with two major updates: support for Windows Phone and cross-device integration.

The new version has less code and makes integration of mobile payments with Microsoft devices significantly faster. Developers can now use a single SDK to activate payments in all Microsoft devices: desktops, laptops and tablets running Windows 8 & smartphones running any version of the Windows Phone operating system.

The improved native SDK also reduces the payment friction and users can make payments with 2 simple clicks. For the end-user buying virtual coins or unlocking new features, payments are completed without leaving the app, leading to better payment conversion and increased revenue.

Developers already using Fortumo payments in Windows 8 can upgrade in their own time as we will continue to support the previous version - however, you should definitely test out the native user experience and payments on Windows Phone as well. If you’re new to Fortumo, all you need to do is install the NuGet Fortumo package and write a couple of lines of code:

using Fortumo;
                  using FortumoWindowsPhone; //or using FortumoWindows
                  //Create the Fortumo object, use your Service ID and secret.
                  Payment p = new Payment("serviceID", "secret");
                  //subscribe to the Completed event (see PaymentCompleted function below)
                  //do this right after creating the Payment object to make sure that
                  //you don’t miss out on any “completed” notification
                  sp.Completed += PaymentCompleted;
                  //add extra parameter
                  sp.AddParameter("cuid", "my_users_id");
                  //show the payment

You can download the latest Fortumo Windows 8 Payments Library from your Fortumo Dashboard and read more about the changes in our developers portal. Haven't signed up to Fortumo yet? Click here to get started.