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We help digital merchants grow their user base, revenue and customer loyalty.

Who are we?

We’re one of most experienced, motivated and inspiring international teams in Estonia.

Number of people

Number of people

Number of office dogs

Number of office dogs

People hired past year

People hired past year

Average age

Average age

Different nationalities

Different nationalities


Average tenure
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People called Martin
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How we work?

We’re productive, pragmatic and focus on getting things done. We use different productivity tools such as PPP-s and OKR-s, to keep us constantly adaptable and self-critical. We have no time for excessive meetings, corporate BS or bureaucracy. It’s a perfect growth-environment for creative, initiative and enthusiastic people.

We also want you to thrive, so we value work-life balance and encourage people to stay healthy (see specific perks below)

What are we doing?

We make mobile payments happen for millions of people around the world. Our customers include Google Play, Spotify and Amazon while our mobile operator partnerships span from Brazil to Indonesia.


How are we doing?

We are constantly growing, hiring and staying one step ahead of the market.

Carrier billing is a $54 billion industry and we have been profitable since 2009.


Epic Games launches carrier billing with Fortumo

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Fortumo builds Amazon Prime bundling solution for Jio

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iQIYI International launches direct carrier billing with Fortumo

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Where are we?

Our headquarters are situated in the intellectual city of Tartu which is a home to one of Northern Europe's oldest universities.

Tartu is on the way to becoming the center of startups in all the Nordic region. We also have offices in Tallinn, Singapore, Delhi, Jakarta, and Spain.

We have the coolest office in Estonia (at least for the next five minutes) with a cozy and comfortable, yet professional working environment.

Come and work with Ranno


"Working with partners from all over the world almost feels like travelling. Over the time you get to know different people and mindsets, discover new perspectives and even get first hand experience on how political or environmental changes on the other side of the globe can effect your life here in Tartu. Fortumo constantly challenges my comfort zone and inspires me to improve but most impressively, manages to do so in a friendly and relaxed manner."

How do we care?

We realize everyone in our diverse team is also an individual and has a life.

We hope to offer the best environment to all of them. Here are some of the benefits we offer:

Cliche IT sector perks

We know that hoodies and snacks are not what IT is about but we have them anyways - just so you would feel comfortable. You name it, we (probably) have it.


Wide variety of all-inclusive team events for our global team. They’re not mandatory but you probably wouldn’t miss them for the world. We actually like spending time together.


We work hard but we know that a healthy work-life balance is vital to stay on top of the game. Extra vacation days for people who have worked with us for three years or longer.

Health & Wellness

We compensate your monthly sports and health expenses to keep you strong. But if you or your kids do fall ill, we want you to focus on getting better by using paid sick days.

Learning and growing

Internal and external trainings, conferences, a mentoring programme, an in-house library, access to e-courses and a personal tenure based learning and development budget.


We care about our little ones as well. Paid days off to take care of your sick child(ren), a newborn bonus and beginning of the school year bonuses to support our parents.