Powerful Features

Since launching in 2007,
more than 170,000 merchants
have signed up with Fortumo
for carrier billing.

The reason is simple: we are the most merchant-friendly payment provider, focusing on markets where carrier billing brings in the most revenue.

Continue reading to find out what features have made Fortumo's platform the first choice for leading companies in the digital ecosystem.

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One Integration, Payments in 100 Countries

Fortumo takes the pain out of negotiating and integrating carrier billing with each mobile operator separately. We have done all the commercial and technical homework on your behalf. Integrating Fortumo once gives you access to payments in 100 countries. As we expand our coverage, you immediately get access to these markets.
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Fully Transparent Payouts

Taxation can become a headache when processing payments in 100 countries. This does not happen with Fortumo - we take care of paying any taxes in local markets on behalf of our merchants. When the money lands in your bank account, you can be certain that 100% of it is yours to keep.
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Optimized Checkout Experience

Payment conversion with carrier billing is already 10x higher than with credit cards due to a much simpler check-out flow. We have taken this one step further as Fortumo’s payment products automatically recognize the device being used and optimize the checkout window to provide the best purchase experience possible on any device.
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Detailed Reporting & Analytics

Fortumo's powerful Dashboard provides you with a real-time overview of revenue and reports on your transactions: which countries have the biggest number of users, how much these users are paying and when they are making purchases. This data helps you fine-tune your monetization strategy. Reporting can also be integrated into your existing business intelligence tools using our Reporting API to make analysis even easier.
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Powerful Recurring Payments Engine

For recurring payments, Fortumo’s subscription engine gives you the ability to charge users on a daily, weekly or monthly basis while also supporting free trials for user acquisition campaigns. Fortumo hosts the subscription flows on your behalf so you do not have to worry about configuring billing events, handling compliance or end-user support.

Focus On Emerging Markets

Carrier billing brings the most revenue from markets with low debit and credit card penetration. We have been operating in these markets longer than any other carrier billing provider. India, Kenya and Pakistan are just some of the countries we have unlocked for merchants before anyone else - and we plan to keep going.

Credit Card Grade Fraud Protection

Fortumo's automatic monitoring system and defined threshold patterns - based on velocity and attribute rules - detect any potential fraud before it becomes an issue. Carrier billing has a significantly lower fraud and charge-back rate than credit card billing, and our risk management team makes sure it stays that way.

Dedicated Integration & Support Team

Whether you are figuring out how to implement carrier billing for your business, trying to reconfigure your payment services or have users asking information about purchases made, our team is ready to help you every step of the way. Regardless of the size and complexity of your business, we are there to help you.