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Chinese App Stores:

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OEM App Stores:

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3rd Party App Stores:

Fortumo is the offical In-App purchasing partner for NOOK Apps. Read more ›

Carrier App Stores:

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Integrating the Fortumo in-app purchasing SDK once allows you to collect payments from the following app stores:

Chinese app stores: Fortumo provides carrier billing and publishing services for developers who are interested in distributing their apps to the Chinese app stores.
Smartphone manufacturer app stores: Fortumo has partnered with leading Asian device manufacturers for preloading and billing on millions of devices shipped each month.
3rd party app stores: You can use Fortumo payments in all third party Android app stores. Sign up, integrate the SDK and start distributing your apps.
NOOK tablets: Fortumo is the exclusive in-app purchasing partner for NOOK tablets, one of the most popular Android tablets in North America. Click here to start adding in-app purchasing for your Android apps on NOOK.
Mobile operator app stores: Fortumo is the exclusive in-app purchasing partner for Telenor, Turkcell and Kyivstar - reaching more than 100 million users globally.

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Global Coverage

You can accept payments from 94 countries and over 300 mobile operators. Fortumo takes care of localization, compliance and tax management - so you won't have to.

Self Service Setup, Live in Minutes

One quick 30-minute integration & start getting revenue the next day. Why wait?

Fully Localized

… in 32 languages means improved conversion rates anywhere where English is not the first language.

Feature-Packed, yet Light

Single items. Virtual currencies. Non-consumable items. Volume discounts. All packed into a lightweight, native-looking UI.

Works with:

Which marketplaces does Fortumo support?

Developers who work with Fortumo distribute their apps in almost any marketplace, ranging from Google Play to Getjar, Amazon and other 3rd party or mobile operator app stores. Different app-stores might have different policies or practices regarding mobile operator billing. For latest info, please check their terms or conditions or e-mail us at

Which countries are supported?

Fortumo has a global coverage by supporting over 300 mobile operators in 94 countries. In most countries, we support all mobile operators. Even prepaid users can pay. See full list at Coverage & Payouts page.

Are there any setup of monthly fees?

No. Fortumo charges no fixed fees. There are no minimum monthly volume commitments either. Fortumo's commission is entirely made up by a small percentage added on top of mobile operator's share.

Is there a 70/30 revenue-sharing or does it differ by country?

Payouts for mobile payments are set by mobile operators and they differ by country. They range from >85% of the price in countries with payment-friendly mobile operators to <50% in emerging markets, where it's harder from mobile operators to collect money from users. See full list at Coverage & Payouts page (or ask us to send you a proposal!).

Mobile billing is great for in-app purchasing. Fortumo is one of the highest-flying birds in the mobile billing space because they've really nailed the user experience.

Peter Vesterbacka Mighty Eagle, Rovio
How long does integration take?

Fortumo has a super-easy sign-up and integration process that usually takes anywhere from 15 minutes to a few hours to complete. All you need is to create a Fortumo account, accept our T&C, configure your service, follow integration instructions and go live. Of course, you can also do it the 'old-fashioned' way, contact us, sign a contract and ask us to set everything up for you.


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