App developers

App developers are seeing a growing number of downloads coming from emerging markets but revenue is not increasing at the same rate. This is because credit card ownership in these new markets is very low and people do not have access to traditional online payment methods.

Fortumo’s Android SDK allows you to charge for premium features (for example, virtual currency, single items or subscriptions) for your mobile app through carrier billing. One integration of the payment SDK enables payments for users in 100 countries in the world’s leading app stores.

We have been providing carrier billing to app developers since 2010. Fortumo was the first to launch mobile payments on Android. Our Android SDK is the most widely used mobile payment solutions in the app development industry.

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The world's largest app stores, digital media companies, device manufacturers and mobile operators have chosen to partner with Fortumo on direct carrier billing. Here you can find a brief overview of how we can help you increase your revenue as well.