App stores

Besides digital merchants, Fortumo’s platform enables mobile operators to easily connect to leading app stores: Google Play, Microsoft Phone Store, Xiaomi’s app store and others. As a result of the integration, carrier billing becomes an integral part of the app store's payment flow. This allows users to pay for downloads and make in-app purchases by charging payments to their mobile phone bill.

The main advantages for carriers to connect leading app stores through Fortumo’s platform:

  • No technical upgrades, we leverage your existing direct carrier billing capabilities
  • Faster time to market, bringing revenues forward for the carrier
  • No time or money spent on integration, maintenance or support
  • One integration gives access to thousands of other merchants as well
  • No upfront fees or CapEx, revenue share is based on actual traffic

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The world's largest app stores, digital media companies, device manufacturers and mobile operators have chosen to partner with Fortumo on direct carrier billing. Here you can find a brief overview of how we can help you increase your revenue as well.