Device manufacturer

Many users make their decision on purchasing a smartphone based on the content that is available on the device. But even if device manufacturers provide additional content to their users, it is very difficult to generate revenue from this content without direct carrier billing.

Fortumo helps you in two ways: we provide top gaming and digital content to be preloaded onto your devices and enable direct carrier billing for your app store. You do not have to worry about taxation, compliance, support or developer onboarding because we take care of that on your behalf.

Using Fortumo for billing in your app store means you do not have to invest into building up a complex billing infrastructure yourself. Our scalable, cloud-based billing architecture is developed and maintained by a team of veterans with experience from Microsoft, Skype and leading global carriers.

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The world's largest app stores, digital media companies, device manufacturers and mobile operators have chosen to partner with Fortumo on direct carrier billing. Here you can find a brief overview of how we can help you increase your revenue as well.