Social networks &
dating sites

An increasing number of social networking and dating site users are coming from emerging markets thanks to the availability of affordable smartphones and data connections. Most of these people do not have a credit card, which means that even though the user base is growing, revenue is not catching up.

Regardless of whether your users want to make an impulse purchase and cannot be bothered to reach for their credit card or they want to remain anonymous and not compromise their private data online, Fortumo always provides social network users with a simple and seamless payment method.

Whether you want to sell subscriptions, premium features, additional calling time or stickers, Fortumo’s platform helps you grow your revenue and requires no changes to your business setup.

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The world's largest app stores, digital media companies, device manufacturers and mobile operators have chosen to partner with Fortumo on direct carrier billing. Here you can find a brief overview of how we can help you increase your revenue as well.