In-App Purchasing On NOOK

Fortumo is the official in-app payments partner for NOOK Apps


Bringing Freemium to NOOK

NOOK apps generate millions of dollars in revenue. NOOK developers are reporting 3 to 4 times the app sales than with other storefronts. With in-app payments, NOOK developers can now make money on freemium apps as easily as from paid apps.

Simple Integration, Many Possibilities

NOOK in-app payments use the Fortumo SDK that top Android developers are already using for making money elsewhere. With one development effort and easy integration, you can monetize users on NOOK tablets and other Android devices and marketplaces around the world.

Monetize Any Premium Content

In-app purchasing on NOOK is great for selling content inside your app, including extra levels, coins and upgrades. Fortumo's in-app purchasing supports consumable and non-consumable items, virtual currencies and other premium content you are used to selling in your app.

One-Click Checkout

With the integration of Fortumo’s one-click checkout, once a customer has registered for in-app purchasing there’s no need to enter long credit card numbers before each payment. They simply click “Pay” and the purchase is completed in seconds.

70% Payout

With in-app purchasing on NOOK, developers receive 70% of the purchase price, just like with paid apps on NOOK.

Real-time Analytics

Fortumo provides developers with a powerful dashboard with real-time insights on revenues and smart analytics on how customers are making purchases, helping to maximize the average revenue per user.

Professional Support

Through its partnership with NOOK Developer, Fortumo is providing developers with all the tools and resources they need to implement in-app purchasing - whenever it's needed, wherever you are.