Cross-Platform Mobile Payments

Let your users pay and seamlessly charge the purchase to their mobile operator bill

online browser - mobile web - html5 apps

In any browser. Online...

… in desktop, Facebook or web apps. User clicks 'Pay', sees a page with payment instructions and uses her mobile phone to complete purchase -- all in less than 20 seconds!

In your pocket...

… in any mobile browser and in HTML5 apps. When detecting that user is on a mobile device, Fortumo's payment pages automatically morph themselves into slick, small-screen-optimized version of our checkout flow.

… or within a mobile app.

Fortumo's HTML5-checkout can be called from any mobile app, on any platform, in a 100% transparent browser window -- without the user even leaving the app.

Real-Time Analysis & Statistics

Our powerful dashboard provides real-time insights on your revenues and smart analytics on how your users are making purchases, scaled by location and spending. This will help you tune your app monetization and increase average revenue per user.

Global Coverage

You can accept payments from 94 countries & 300+ mobile operators in over 45 currencies. Fortumo takes care of localization, compliance and tax management - so you won't have to.

No Setup Fees, No Monthly Fees

And no minimum volume commitments. Just a simple % per each transaction. We only make money when you are making money!

Self Service Setup, Live in Minutes

One quick integration & start getting revenue from 94 countries the next day.

Professional support

We offer support and integration assistance over phone, Skype, e-mail or on-site: whenever it's needed, wherever you are.

Which countries are supported?

Fortumo has a global coverage by supporting over 300 mobile operators in 94 countries. In most countries, we support all mobile operators. Even prepaid users can pay. We're adding about 2-4 countries to our coverage each quarter.

See the full list of currently supported countries and mobile operators at our Coverage & Payouts page.

Are there any fixed fees?

Fortumo charges no setup fees and no monthly fees. There are also no minimum monthly volume commitments. We feel that it's only fair for us to make money when our customers are making money. Thus, Fortumo only charges a small % of each transaction.

What are the payouts?

Payouts differ by country. They can range from over 85% in countries with payment-friendly mobile operators to 50% in emerging markets, where it's harder from mobile operators to collect money from users.

See the full list of payouts at our Coverage & Payouts page. We also offer volume-based pricing for merchants who already generate significant revenue.

What's the checkout flow like?

Please click on a Fortumo payments button in the top part of the screen to see the Fortumo checkout flow. If you point your mobile browser to, you can see the mobile optimized flow. The cool thing is that you only need to do one integration for both -- we can automatically detect which device and browser you are using and adjust the flow accordingly.

Can I set it up myself or do I need to sign a contract first?

Fortumo has a super-easy sign-up and integration process. All you need is to create a Fortumo account, accept our T & C, configure your service, copy-and-paste payment code to your page and go live. Of course, you can also do it the 'old-fashioned' way, contact us, sign a contract and ask us to set everything up for you.

Travian has integrated Fortumo in addition to their existing payment providers not least because Fortumo has super-easy integration.

Top Eleven Football Manager uses Fortumo for selling credits in their number one online game because no-one has comparable coverage in emerging markets.

Paymentwall is using Fortumo as their primary mobile payments provider in a number of countries because Fortumo has superior conversion rates.

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