PocketGamer: 5 billion phones, but only 1 billion credit cards: Fortumo on how to monetize the unbanked gamer

With the cost of user acquisition rising in the United States, Europe, Canada, and Australia, it's tempting to look into emerging markets like Latin America and India. Bringing your game to these regions certainly isn't a traditional model for mobile success, but it's worked pretty well for companies like Nordeus. Yet bringing a game to players in emerging markets isn't as easy as it sounds. The vast majority of smartphone owners in this space are 'unbanked' (meaning, they lack credit cards) so monetising them requires a bit of finesse and a hefty amount of local knowledge. We caught up with Jacob Hauskens of billing experts Fortumo recently to discuss the challenges that developers face in tackling emerging markets and how companies like Fortumo can help players pay for the content they love and value.

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