The Next Web: India - The Elephant in the Room for Mobile Developers?

If you were to launch a mobile app or game today, what markets would you go after? Common sense would say US, Japan, China, UK, South Korea, Germany, Taiwan and Australia as these are the countries at the top of revenue charts for mobile developers. However, going by this list leaves out the elephant in the room: India. If India is not at the top of the revenue charts, why should it matter for developers? Let’s look at the facts. For starters, India will have more smartphone owners by the end of 2014 than there are people living in Australia, Germany, South Korea, Taiwan and UK combined. The latest estimates – admittedly, perhaps too optimistic – say India will overtake the US in smartphone ownership this year as well. So there will be a lot of smartphone users, but if China is leading in revenue and smartphones, why not focus there instead?

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