Browser-based mobile payments: one integration works for payments on any computer, tablet, smartphone, feature phone and smart TV.

Key features:

  • One integration for all platforms
  • Carrier billing coverage in 100 markets, 350 mobile operators
  • Automatic detection of device and UI optimization
  • Localized into 50 languages, supports 40 currencies
  • Automatic number detection on mobile devices and repeat purchases
  • Supports one-off transactions and subscriptions
  • Works on the desktop and in smartphones, tablets, feature phones and smart TV-s

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About integration: Developer documentation

Android SDK

Industry-leading native in-app purchasing SDK: collect payments for premium features inside your application from users in 100 countries.

Key features:

  • One integration, works on any Android smartphone and tablet
  • Carrier billing coverage in 100 markets, 350 mobile operators
  • Works in all Android app stores (including carrier and device manufacturer stores)
  • Support for both online and offline payments
  • Supports one-off transactions and subscriptions

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About integration: Developer documentation

Direct Carrier Billing

Highly customizable payment solutions that gives digital merchants and app stores direct access to mobile operators’ direct carrier billing connections.

Key features:

  • Fortumo-hosted, locally compliant payment flows
  • Support for 1-click and PIN-confirmed (OTP) payments
  • One integration supports all platforms and markets
  • New pricing and markets can be launched without any development
  • Dynamic and flexible pricing
  • Full support for subscription payments
  • End-user and carrier specific spend limits
  • Real-time overview of transactions

(Direct Carrier Billing access subject to mobile operator approval)

Gain an edge on customer lifecycle management through telco channels in 100+ countries