Collect payments in 100+ countries through one integration

Grow your international user base and revenue. You can charge users from their mobile bill, when they don’t have or want to use a credit card.

Hosted Direct Carrier Billing

Turnkey solution you can start using right away

  • Launch new pricing and markets without any development
  • 1-click and PIN-confirmed payments
  • Fortumo-hosted flows you can white label to your brand
  • Flexible pricing (subscriptions, trials, promotions, etc.)

Payments API

Powerful and flexible product for complex integrations

  • Build your own user experience and billing logic
  • Use Fortumo’s infrastructure and connectivity
  • Different methods of user authentication and billing
  • Server to server payments

Both Hosted DCB and Payments API include powerful retention features.

Detect and contact your users before they churn out and bring them back if they do.

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Send notifications and offers to your customers

detect-user-icon.svg image file

Identify users who are at risk of churning

flow-icon.svg image file

Create custom user flows based on risk and loyalty

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Offer flexible payments to prevent involuntary churn

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Uday Sodhi

"Fortumo was identified as the perfect match for us due to their impressive background of powering payments for some of Asia’s leading digital content players.”

Patrik Falk

"We are excited to be working with Fortumo, whose services will increase the current payment options we have for our customers.”

Tim Whelan

"We are confident that Fortumo will provide seamless payment integration in our markets.”