Lift your customer lifetime value by 30%

The world's biggest digital merchants use Fortumo's platform for user base and revenue growth:

It’s 6x more expensive to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one.

Even with increased user base growth, you are likely seeing the following in your international expansion:

Retention problem chart

Retain customers with churn prevention.

Communicate with those who have already churned or at risk of doing so.

Predictive solutions to keep customers in the payment loop
Retention problem chart

Highly effective, meaningful customer communications, at scale

In addition to what’s happening in the background, we make sure you’re able to reach your users to convince them to not churn out and bring them back if they have already done so

Messaging platform

Global messaging platform that gives digital merchants a direct line of communication with their customers for authentication, notifications and promotions.

  • Worldwide coverage for SMS messaging
  • Payment-related charging, reminder and error notifications
  • Marketing communication for retention and upselling
  • Optimized for performance: high speeds and deliverability
  • Suitable for 2-factor user authentication (2FA)
  • Pay-as-you-go model, no upfront payments required
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About integration: Developer documentation

Retention engine

Take advantage of powerful loyalty solutions that address the biggest challenges of user churn in emerging markets. Prevent abandonment and re-engage lost customers.

  • MSISDN detection for charging pre-authorisation
  • Airtime lending for low balance users
  • Counter-offers for users about to unsubscribe
  • Stepdown charging and split billing
  • Dynamic grace periods based on risk scoring
  • Flexible reminders logic based on user loyalty
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