In-App Purchasing Charge for premium features within your app using Fortumo industry-leading native in-app purchasing SDK.
Cross-Platform Mobile Payments Fortumo's browser-based mobile payments: one integration, works on any computer, tablet, smartphone or feature phone and smart TV-s.
Mobile browsers
Desktop browsers
Developer API For advanced integrations and white-labelling, giving you the full control over the payment flow and user experience.
Mobile Payments API
with instant activation & self-service setup

Direct Carrier Billing API

Trusted Partner solution for app stores, OEMs & platforms

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Fortumo Works Best For...

Why Fortumo?

Mobile Operator Billing

No credit card required, no registration necessary. It just works. For 4 billion mobile users worldwide.

Self Service Setup, Live in Minutes

One quick 30-minute integration & start getting revenue the next day. Why wait?

Best Emerging Market Coverage

With Fortumo, you accept payments from users without credit cards in 6 out of 7 continents. (Sorry, no Antarctica!)

No Setup Fees, No Monthly Fees

And no minimum volume commitments. Just a simple % per each transaction. We only make money when you are making money!

They’ve really nailed the user experience!
No-one monetizes better in emerging markets
Surprisingly fast and seamless integration

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