How can telcos become the digital convergence point?

Consumers go online through your network, but the digital mindshare is elsewhere

fortumo digital convergence

Service providers dominate digital mindshare, capturing the majority of revenue.

fortumo digital convergence

Convergence through making merchants dependent on mindshare & revenue

fortumo digital service promotion

We help youbecome the digital convergence point

Fortumo helps you identify, chase down and launch new merchant partnerships

Fortumo aligns its strategy to you, engages local legislators and opens up new opportunities

Fortumo's platform is built to meet your needs today and in 5 years time

We resolve immediate challenges with a long-term roadmap in mind

fortumo roadmap
Immediate launch of payments and bundling services to merchants
Commonly defined strategy for digital service enablement for the next 5 years
Implementation of strategy

Telco growth from a mobile data, payments and bundling provider...

Amazon Spotify Iflix OLX Group Google Play

... to a provider of full stack digital services, such as


Looking for an experienced and reliable partner?

We manage existing relationships and campaigns for our network of 350 mobile operators in 100 countries

Taavi Krusell

Taavi Krusell

VP of Carrier Sales
Sanjay Sinha

Sanjay Sinha

Vp Of Bd, India
Man Pham

Man Pham

Director of Carrier Sales and BD, SEA
Larisa Hapeci

Larisa Hapeci

Director of Telco Partnerships & BD, SEA